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We can get to known the adventures of the fairytale cats( the small one, Filemon the Cat, interested in the whole world and the adult one , the slightly taciturn Bonifacy the Cat) reading the book written by Marek Nejman entitled The Adventures of Filemon the Cat.

The nice, small white kitten living in the country admires the world around him where so much is happening. In the kitchen of Grandparents mice run around, frogs croak in the distance and from the mirror a strange creature is watching!Filemon the Cat is very curious -he has to look everywhere and see everything. Advice and assistance in trouble is always given by the older one Bonifcy the Cat, whose favorite occupation is lying down at the sleeping place on top of a brick oven.

This animated television series was being created over nine years in the Studio of Small Film Form Se-ma-for in Lodz in the years 1972-1982.The music to the cartoon with the characteristic rhymed lyrics was written by Piotr Marczewski.

Gray,black or motley all cats together .They have their roads and fences just cats world, just cats world ....

The first series of this bedtime cartoon was created in the years 1972 - 1977 and it is entitled The Strange World of Filemon the Cat consists of 13 episodes. The voice of the characters in that series was Teresa Sawicka.

The second series includes 26 episodes and is known as The Adventures of Filemon the Cat Barbara Marszałek was responsible for the dubbing. Apart from the 39 - episode series, in 1991 a full-length animation, Filemon and friends was made. The character design was created by Tadeusz Baranowski, a prominent comic book author. There were also two 25-minute films showing Christmas and Ester traditions: Christmas Eve of Filemon the Cat in 1995 and Cat's Easter in 1997.

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